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What’s Latest Trend of Fashion?

There are so many trends in clothing especially for women. Lace dress is just one of these trends. Women use this kind of dress in casual or even every day. It was once being used for in the clothing for conservative women and wanted to look sexy.  Lace dress is not just simply for a formal wedding, it must also be part of every women’s clothing collections because this kind of dress is also quite appropriate for a night out on the town, wearing in office or even in going to malls. Not just that, when a woman would wear such dress there could be no other material that would make them feel comfortable and feel pretty at the same time.

Chiffon dress is also one of these trend that your closet must not lack of...

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Website Sbobet Online Casino Excitement phenomenon.

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Dress up your iPhone with more pop covers Hillary White


The Pop Art with Warhol did not die, I would tell Hillary White, artist and illustrator who frequently places the comic characters in all kinds of settings and situations. Reinvented biblical scenes with Darth Vader, Spiderman and Kermit, has drawn to a Goya Alf devouring his children or R2D2 dress like a real Lord.

So if you like the Pop Art’re in luck, because now Hillary White has decided to create a line of cases for your iPhone, your iPad or your laptop … and helpful because a lot are cool.

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Fluoride continues to shine in the portfolios of Comme des Garçons


The signature Comme des Garcons, founded by Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo, is one of the most powerful and influential brands in the world of haute couture and fashion accessories.

One of the productions more “popular” is the collection’s signature Comme des Garçons Wallet. Its extensive line of handbags with top quality materials and the supervision of the great designer.

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Give a new look to your room with these mobiles hanging from the ceiling


The phones I’ve always loved, perhaps because they remind me of those crafts that we all did in art class when we were in school: the planets, animals were learning or anything that you pass through the head.

I’m one of those people who like to keep alive and kicking her inner child, maybe that’s why I liked many Flensted mobiles: articles intended for adult children.

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