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What’s Latest Trend of Fashion?

There are so many trends in clothing especially for women. Lace dress is just one of these trends. Women use this kind of dress in casual or even every day. It was once being used for in the clothing for conservative women and wanted to look sexy.  Lace dress is not just simply for a formal wedding, it must also be part of every women’s clothing collections because this kind of dress is also quite appropriate for a night out on the town, wearing in office or even in going to malls. Not just that, when a woman would wear such dress there could be no other material that would make them feel comfortable and feel pretty at the same time.

Chiffon dress is also one of these trend that your closet must not lack of...

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Jo Malone, five sweet and spicy fragrances


Jo Malone specializes in giving a different aroma not only him and her, but also to your home. Elegance and sophistication are your main objective olfactory, and settled as they are in London, working with master perfumers frontline.

Sugar & Spice is the name of its new collection of limited edition, and is comprised of five fragrances are concentrated, as its name suggests, sweet spices and aromas that will delight those seeking a different essence.

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Depeche Mode and Hublot have your watch for charity


The Depeche Mode are back with Delta Machine and this summer we will have them in our country as headliners of the BBK Live. But today let’s talk about your music but watch Hublot has launched in partnership with the British trio.

This is the Big Bang Depeche Mode, a clock that maintains the aesthetic of the band and whose profits will go to the organization charity: water struggling to bring clean water to those areas most in need of our planet.

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Truths and lies of Botox. Interview with Dr. Angel Martin Clinic Menorca

Botox treatment or Vistabel, as it is called cosmetic use, must be authorized thereto centers and patients should be sure to professionals and experts trained for such therapies. At Clinica Menorca is applied only by specialists and only employ Vistabel, the only botulinum toxin type A in the Spanish market approval for cosmetic use, because it has all the security and efficiency.


Authorized use of Vistabel: Dr. Ángel Martín Hernández, cosmetic surgeon and medical director of the Clinic Menorca Vistabel explains that, “can only be used in the upper third of the face to temporarily eliminate or attenuate expression lines located between the eyebrows, central forehead and crow’s feet...

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We analyze the collection of David Beckham underwear for H & M


The binomial David Beckham and H & M works. Not know why, because the result of this second collaboration is as inconspicuous as the first. I realize that the world of men’s underwear is somewhat restricted, but also recognize how little and how much design marketing with these collections.

But anyway, let’s stop complaining and verify whether David Beckham has improved their design skills in his second collection of underwear for H & M. Here are the items that make up the partnership.

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We tested the Force Supreme Architect Youth Serum Biotherm Homme and here are our findings