Packing Supplies You Need for Your Move

Gearing up for a move? As soon as you estimated the amount of stuff you’re going to take with you to your new dwelling, you should start collecting the containers and packing materials for your belongings. If you haven’t a clue about which supplies are necessary to pack up your stuff, here is a list of them compiled by movers in Lafayette

  • The first supplies that spring to mind are the cardboard boxes. Indeed, they should top your list of moving supplies. You’ll need a lot of them so make sure you get even more. Moving boxes come in different sizes and you’ll need the whole range of them. Usually, up to 25 boxes will suffice to pack up one room. The majority of them should be of small size and you should fill them with heavy or fragile items. By doing so, you’ll facilitate the loading process for the movers. Put your clothes, some household appliances, and other not very bulky and heavy stuff into the medium-sized boxes. The large ones are intended for the lightweight but massive things such as curtains, blankets, etc.
  • Specialty boxes.
    Apart from standard cardboard boxes, there are specially reinforced boxes that you’ll need to pack some things requiring careful handling. There are special boxes for packing your hanging clothes, dishes and other fragiles, documents, etc. Their range is so wide that you can find boxes specially designed for the most unexpected items.
  • Wrapping materials.
    Some things should be carefully wrapped before you put them into a box. Be sure to get enough packing paper, newsprints, bubble wrap. You’ll certainly need them to ensure extra protection for your fragile stuff.
  • Packing tape.
    The tape is essential while packing. It’s indispensable for sealing the seams of the boxes as well as for securing the bottoms and tops. Also, you may need to tape up the things that should be kept together.
  • Cords and straps.
    Where the packing tape can’t be used, strings and straps will come in handy. Use those supplies to secure the doors and drawers of your furniture items or to fix the wrapping paper wound around the items.
  • Warning labels.
    Make sure you purchased or printed out those warning signs that are usually attached to the moving boxes. You need to let the movers know how they should treat some boxes while loading and unloading. Therefore, stick the labels like “Handle/open with care” to the boxes with fragiles.

Also, you’ll need some secondary but very useful supplies such as scissors, tape dispenser, markers, etc.