Things you should know about Anabolic steroids?

Think; are you completely aware about the Steroids?

No, Right?

Want to know what the drug actually is all about?

Please have a look and gain bit of steroid knowledge.

What are they?

The synthetic version of Testosterone is known as Anabolic Steroids, which naturally generated through sexual hormone present in body. Anabolic steroids actually have been attractive an dream drug for the athletes and the bodybuilders, because the drug probably increase the size and strength of the muscles. They also enhance the competitiveness and aggressiveness, which helps them to acquire desirable traits in the sports as well as in the gym.

How are these Anabolic Steroids been used as Drugs?

Generally the anabolic steroids might be prescribed to legally promote the appetite, induce the male puberty, lessen the effects of the muscle wasting from chronic diseases such as AIDS or Cancer and stimulate the bone growth. Sometimes it is also been used as male contraceptive. The Drugs are generally available as injectable liquid steroid, skin patches and oral pills. But, to be true it is illegal if you do not possess a prescription.


How does this Anabolic Steroid Works?

As per the researchers and doctors the Anabolic steroids effectively changes the strength and muscle mass of the human body, it leads to an increased production of the proteins, which are considered to be the building blocks of the muscle, this probably means the more building blocks the more possibility of muscle mass and strength. Below is the science behind it.

Whenever the steroid is consumed either orally via pills or through injection, it actually travels to the androgen receptors which are located within several cells. This connectivity instantly activates the hormone receptor which creates a messengers RNA, this RNA signals the DNA to start producing the muscle building blocks known as protein. The Generated protein travels through the human body creating the anabolic growth responses.

However the anabolism is the primary action of the steroids, which they also draw out through verities of other desirable and undesirable after effects.

So, do the work? Probably yes.

But is there a need to take them? Actually NO!! Because there are is a list of side effects which might harm you and your functioning body parts badly. Keep reading.

Possible Side effects which Steroid users risk:

  • Increase in functioning of the Liver
  • Depression of Natural Testosterone Production
  • Altered Thyroid Function
  • Increase in the Cholesterol levels and Blood Pressure
  • Nose bleeding
  • Headache
  • Cramps
  • Insulin insensitivity
  • Development of the breast like tissue in men
  • Aggressiveness
  • Stunted Growth if you are a teen
  • Might also accelerate the growth of the tumors
  • Sometimes taking steroid orally usually tends to affect the nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and constipation.

The main problem is that, once you have it you might not even want to come off it you might become addicted and just keep increasing the chances of getting all these side effects within any time period. So beware before starting consumption of this steroid and keep in mind the side effects.